TAIMIKO Egg Incubator 10 Eggs Automatic Egg


  • 【Observation of Artificial Hatching】 This auto egg incubator has the function of automatic hatching, temperature control. It can be put 10 eggs at a time. Small in size, portable for use at home. Easy to operate even for beginners.
  • · 【LED Screen Display】 Temperature shows through LED screen display. The thermometer has a clear and intuitive digital display of temperature (Celsius), so you’ll be able to see the entire incubation process without interrupting.
  • · 【Auto Egg Turner】 Offer the best incubation environment through the technology of thermal management system inside and the Auto egg turner tray. It has a high hatching rate and equipped by a low noise function. For it can quietly turn the eggs by turning the egg-shape motor, it is safe to hatch at home.